Seven Hills Garden Make Over

 ~ New Drains to help with rain water ~ Plants in each tier of retaining wall ~ Feature plants (Magnolia Teddy Bear and Silver Plum) in Deck out the front ~ 20-40mm Natural River Pebbles ~ Tea Tree Mulch ~ Weed Mating ~ Drip feed Sprinkler with Bluetooth tap timer 

Ormeau Back Yard Reno With Firepit

 ~ Small retaining wall to level side yard ~ timber garden edge ~ new concrete path around house ~ Tea tree mulch in gardens ~ New drains installed and existing drain connected to storm water ~ Stoned fire pit area ~ Empire Zoysia Turf ~ New front fence and gate 

Norman Park Pool Landscaping

This ~ tumbled sandstone rocks ~ new pavers ~ Sand stone garden edge fixed ~ 3 New Lilly Pillys (1.8M high) planted where excavator came through fence to dig pool ~ Augusta Zoysia laid 

Wishart Back Yard Make Over

T ~ All gardens and green wasted removed ~ Back yard excavated ~ New concrete path way laid ~ Block wall installed ~ New drains positioned and installed ~ existing patio downpipe connected to storm water drain ~ Empire Zoysia laid 

Runcorn Retaining Wall and Garden Clean Up

 ~ Old Wall down ~ New treated pine sleeper wall with galvanized posts ~ Garden Clean up, Trees cut away from roof and pool area ~ Tea Tree mulch ~ Stone area topped up and pavers for bins relaid 

DC Pizza Co - Morningside

 GRAND OPENING SATURDAY!!!!!!! Landscaping For DC Pizza CO @ 32 Asquith Street, Morningside. There Grand opening is this Saturday 13th of July with 100 FREE PIZZAS. Get down there and check them out!!!!! (Believe it or not, no connection to DC Landscapes and Designs. DC just must be popular!!!! lol) ~ New Paved area ~ Steppers with deco ~ sleeper garden edge ~ Lilly Pillys to create a hedge ~ Tea Tree Mulch 

Pallara - New House Build

 Was a very wet job this one!!!!! Few rain delay days but we managed to get there. ~ Sleeper garden beds ~ Roses bushes and Frangipani's in rear gardens ~ Magnolia, Cordyline's and Xanadu's in front garden ~ Tea tree mulch in all gardens ~ Empire Zoysia turf ~ Sand stone pavers through turf ~ Mail box installed ~ Drains lifted to correct heights ~ Plumping and drains installed for future BBQ area on concrete pad, 

The Gap - Backyard Makeover

 ~ Garden clean up front and rear ~ One new side fence with 2 sleeper retaining wall ~ One small side fence ~ Rock garden edge, pavers and concrete through gardens removed removed ~ Broken pavers on path way replaced ~ Empire Zoysia turf laid ~ New concrete front path laid ~ Tea tree mulch through front and rear gardens ~ Battery operated sprinkler system installed ~ Paved pathways pressure cleaned 

Salisbury Front Yard make over Site Content

 ~ Garden clean up and trim ~ Old garden edge out ~ Sleeper timber garden edge in ~ Lilly Pilly Superiors planted in new gardens ~ Cypress Chip A to finish off 

Holland Park West Court Yard

 ~ Garden clean up ~ New plants ~ Drip feed irrigation system with battery operated tap timer ~ Tea Tree Mulch to finish off