Norman Park ~ Front Yard

 ~ Yard Poisoned ~ New Garden Beds installed ~ Premium garden soil in garden beds ~ 8 x 1M Lilly Pillly Superior planted ~ Drip feed watering system extended from back yard make over ~ Cypress Chip A Mulch ~ New drains installed ~ 24 Square Meters of Sir Walter Grass with under Turf ~ Pavers from front gate to front door through grass

Heritage Park ~ Stage One

 ~ Whole yard clean up, trees and palms trimmed with weed removal and spray ~ 4 Dump runs, 3 green waste and one other ~ New plants throughout gardens ~ 7 Cubic Meters of Cypress Chip A ~ New shed 2.3M x 2.3M ~ New front fences and gates ~ Damaged colour bond panel in rear fence replaced ~ New charcoal concrete garden edging in front yard ~ Brick wall to match house constructed ~ Stage 2 and 3 to come 

Norman Park Back Yard Make Over

 ~ Yard Poisoned ~ 19.5 Meters of new garden beds installed ~ Garden Beds filled with premium garden soil (5 Cubic Meters) ~ 32 x 1M high Lilly Pilly Superior planted ~ Drip feed watering system installed into new garden beds ~ Cypress A Grade Chip spread through new garden beds ~ New under Turf installed and leveled ~ 70 Square Meters of Sir Walter Turf installed 

Wakerly Garden Make Over

 ~ 89 Square Meters of Sir Walter Grass + underlay ~ Paved Pathway with stones ~ Pavers through grass to clothes line ~ Squashed Pit drain in grass dug out and replaced 


 ~ Raised land level and reshaped to help water run off ~ Installation of drains ~ Drainage Stones ~ Replaced Rotted fence post 


 ~Pavers lifted and cleaned ~Ground Lifted and releveled where it had sunk ~Existing pavers relayed (Outside pavers concreted in) 

Wishart Rise Villas

 31 Merrick Street, Wishart 33 Units plus Common Areas ~ Twlight 20mm rounded stones ~ Cypress A Grade Mulch ~ Treated Pine Garden Beds to hide exposed shed slab ~ Fixing up existing block garden beds ~ Turfing including underlay 

Ashmore Make Over

 Ashmore Make Over ~Trees removed including stump grinding ~Old garden edging removed ~Gardens cleaned up and leveled ~Extra waste and pavers around yard cleaned up and removed ~Smokey gray Concrete Garden Edging installed ~Red Cypress Mulch ~Turfing and underlay - Sir Walter ~12 Volt Lights installed with timer to light up palms at night Plants ~Foxtail palms with lighting ~Silver plums ~Liriope (Green and Stripy White) 

Holland Park

 ~ 790 KG of Green waste removed ~ Red Cypress Mulch ~ New plants ~ yard top soiled ~ Garage floor pressure cleaned painted Charcoal ~ Deck cleaned and Oiled 

Coomera Waters

 ~ Cypress A Grade Chip ~ 20mm Gold Coast River Rocks ~ General Garden Tidy Up